About Us

Ti Ora, by definition, is a tea of wellbeing.

Ti Ora first launched in 2016, with a vision to bring a distinctive freshness and excitement to the tea category.


Our purpose is to explore with fresh eyes and a fresh palate the wellbeing possibilities of tea by blending established tea traditions with some of New Zealand’s very own native ingredients.

Ti Ora is blended and packed in NZ using premium teas, fruits and herbs.

Our silky, spacious pyramid bags allow for perfect brewing and our master blenders have lovingly crafted our new range of delicious teas, each blended with native New Zealand botanicals.

Native botanicals have been used in NZ for centuries to support wellbeing. We have sourced Kawakawa and Manuka leaf, both used traditionally for their herbal properties, from the East Cape of New Zealand. These botanicals perfectly complement our blends, to create a range of premium teas that offer a delicious taste of wellbeing.

The Ti Ora range provides 10 unique and delicious blends; including black, green and fruit and herbal teas - a blend for every occasion and every tea drinker.


"Kia ora k?ut?u. I just wanted to give you some feedback on your range of Tea. One word = Amazing! I especially love the Summer Fruit Tea with Manuka Leaf. I love drinking it in Winter because it reminds me of warmer times. Keep up the awesome work!"

- Romaine Rahui, Whanganui